The Book

An Amazon Best Book of July 2014, The Fracking King is a novel about boarding school, hardcore Scrabble fanatics, and fracking. Now available in hardcover, for Kindle and as an audiobook.

The Author

James Browning lives in Pennsylvania and is the co-author of “Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets,” a series of exposés  about the political expenditures of the fracking industry. The Fracking King is his first novel.

More on Fracking

Find out where fracking is happening in your community, or near your community, and find out how much money the fracking industry has given to your elected officials.


The Fracking King

The Fracking King follows Winston Crwth, a high school Scrabble prodigy who becomes an unlikely hero in the fight to stop fracking in Pennsylvania. Truth is a rare commodity in politics, and the idea of “winning” a debate as cleanly and simply as you’d win a Scrabble game can seem impossible. But with the truth on his side, a jar of toxic “frackwater,” and the belief that he can win a Scrabble tournament whose first prize is a meeting with the governor, Winston creates a moment of devastating truth for her. Purchase online:

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Fracking in the News

Browning effortlessly translates his passion for environmental change into a rousing, witty, and enlightening tale of outsiders and Scrabble. That the author gets his environmental message across without sidetracking Win’s journey is a testament to his ability as a storyteller.
Publishers Weekly